Simple Stupid Plan to Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Published: 11th December 2008
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Getting your ex girlfriend back feels like a daunting task, especially if you're confused and unsure what direction to go. Somewhere along the road of your blissful relationship, you stumbled upon a roadblock. Then a few more came crashing down and before you knew it, your girlfriend has up and left you, complaining about every bump and obstacle that had come stacked your way.

No one said it would be easy, but that doesn't mean it needs to be complicated. Simple plans are the most effective but the act of executing them is where people most trip up. So here is the simple stupid plan to getting your ex girlfriend back...

Simple action plan #1:

Snap out of that I'm-the-victim/defeatist attitude that plagues most rejectees after being dumped. Whether it was your fault or her fault that your relationship has ended, get it into you that the past is done and there's little point in dwelling on what could have been.

Tip: Trying to reverse the break up by compensating through apologizing and promising you'll change might seem like the most logical and common-sense thing to do. But if she's standing firm and rejecting all your moves, ditch the poor-me approach; your ex girlfriend wants a man, not a crybaby.

Simple action plan #2:

No matter what she says or what you think she wants, what she REALLY wants is a man who has conviction and confidence within himself. If you find yourself lacking all self-esteem and you're not sure why she would even come back to you, the conscious part of you wants her back but the unconscious part is fighting against it.

What sort of result do you think you will get? Know that the confident guy who doesn't need anyone is already within you, bring him out by remembering times in your life when you were confident AND alone and life was just fine!

Simple action plan #3:

You need to align the conscious and the subconscious part of you so it's helping you get the girl you want instead of pushing her away. If you're confident and secure in the knowledge that you don't need her to be happy, not much of what she says should harm or worry you.

For example, your ex girlfriend hasn't called for weeks, the sad, depressed and needy guy will have cracked and tried calling her to see how she is doing. The confident and secure guy will notice but he is too busy living and enjoying himself via other activities to care about calling. Likewise, the confident guy might also consider the notion that, if he has been too busy to call, perhaps she has been too.

Tip: Alter the meaning of whatever bad thing happens to you, whether its your ex-girlfriend not calling, seeing another guy or only wanting to be friends. If you don't let those things bother you, and you get on with your life, your ex girlfriend will notice and be extremely curious WHY you're reacting this way.

Why would acting like you don't care help you get your ex girlfriend back? Believe it or not, your ex girlfriend wants you to want her. No one likes to be rejected, and even though she has rejected you, deep down she still wants you to want her.

By "rejecting" her but doing it in a subtle way, it will make her want to find out why and get her chasing after you. Believe me this works wonders. Girls love getting attention off guys, they love to know they're wanted but at the same time untouchable. Use this to your advantage.

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