Top 5 Reasons Your Ex Girlfriend Will Come Back to You

Published: 11th December 2008
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It all might seem hopeless right now. Your girlfriend has wanted out of the relationship and everything you have tried so far has failed to work, so why would she ever want to come back to you now? Believe it or not, you're not off the hook yet. Even if you've been the most desperate and needy guy in the world and came close to becoming a scary stalker, there is still a chance your ex girlfriend will want you back. Why?

Here is the top 5 reasons your ex girlfriend will want to come back to you:

1. No one will love her like you did. Every relationship is different, and even if she moves on from the break up to the most beautiful guy in the world, their relationship will never compare to yours because the relationship you had with her is uniquely yours alone! No one can take that away from you.

2. Despite the break up or what she has said to you, deep down she still cares about you and misses you. If you can get her to acknowledge and embrace those feelings for you, she can't resist but come back to you.

3. She wants you to want her! Despite what everyone says about desperate and needy, if you gave her too much attention since the break up and suddenly gave her none, watch her start calling you up and wondering how you are. The only reason she's doing so is because secretly she "missed" the attention you gave her. Just remember acting hot and cold can work to some extent but continue to do it and she will catch on.

4. You understand her like no one else can, and no matter what she says, she misses the way the two of you could relate to one another. She'll remember the good times and if you can work on the bad/problem areas, it will be hard for her to say no to coming back.

5. No one wants to be alone, and not to say she'll come back JUST so she is not alone. The human nature thing to do is partner up with people who loves us and who we love. She'll be fighting against what nature has intended for her.

She is staying away from you right now because she feels unhappy with some aspect of the relationship. But if you show her otherwise, then she won't need to "fight" those feelings anymore. Believe it or not, your ex girlfriend wants to come back to you. Make it easier on her by allowing her to trust you and your love again.

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